Back-to-School BUJO Spread, Stickers, and Hurricane Coming Close!

08.23.18. 1:58. PM.

Hello guys! I have updated my bullet journal for the new semester! I always change my spread right away when I go back to school because I don’t have time to be as creative as I want with my weekly spreads. I change it to be fast and efficient so I know what I have to get done and what if coming up next. tempImageForSave 14.JPG

This is my schedule! This is the first time I’ve had a day off in my schedule and it is a bit weird staying home in the middle of the week! I also but what supplies I will need for this semester at the bottom. Thankfully I have most of these supplies at home so it will save me a lot of money. tempImageForSave 16.JPG

I just had to put a quote here just to motivate me to start back up again, and to keep going! Always have mini notes to yourself to remind yourself to keep trying and to never give up! I know how hard it is to push yourself everyday throughout school but it helps to have a little bit of encouragement!


This is the full spread. I will be sticking with kind of spread for the rest of the semester. It won’t be as fun or creative as I want it to be but it helps me out during school to keep things a little more simple.


This is this week’s spread! I decided to put the calendar in the corner each time so that it will help me to realize how many days has past and how many more days I have left to go. It kind of helps me remember that I have gone so far and that I can count down the days until I finish and finished another semester!


I have created even more little sticker packets for my stickers!


I’m pretty happy about how everything is turning out! Not many people are buying them though, but I won’t give up! I am still trying to post a new sticker design out every day. If not then I make sure to make some updates to my store here and there.

What do you guys think?

Do you guys think I should create more anime sticker or more planner/journal stickers?



Hurricane Lane is coming dangerously close the Hawaiian Islands! So far it is hitting the Hawaii Island (or as we call it: The Big Island) and it is heading towards Oahu (The island I am on) by tomorrow! I am not sure how badly this hurricane will be but it is looking pretty bad. Schools are closed for tomorrow and Friday already and it may stay in effect till Monday! I hope everyone stays safe! As for my Etsy shop, I will still be dealing with orders the best I can during this time but due to the hurricane, orders might be delayed for a few days. Meaning that your sticker might come a little late! I hope that is alright! I still want to keep my store running since it is just an online store and not a physical store. I will do my best to fulfill everyone’s orders if I get any during this storm! I have not experience a hurricane yet in my life. The last very major hurricane hit Hawaii before I was born so this will be my first experience. Hopefully everything will be okay. Right now it is just the calm before the storm!

Thank you for reading!

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Memory Journaling, Shop Reviews, and Food

08.16.2018. 1:39. PM. 

I decided to get out of the house today! (The rarely happens). I decided to go out for some lunch and to create another page in my memory journal for 2017. I feel like keeping photos in my laptop is never enough and I have to just make a full journal out of it, so I really want to slowly create mini memory journals starting with the year: 2017.


My canon printer can print out 4 x 6 glossy paper, so I have made a little template for myself on photoshop to print out these little pictures.

Shop reviews

I really love when people are happy with their stickers!

tempImageForSave 10.JPG

My store hasn’t been doing so well this month so I was beginning to get a little discouraged but this review really helped me out. It made me realize that although I don’t have a lot of customers, the customers that I do have really appreciate my stickers. It really makes my day and helps me stay with what I love to do most which is to create my own art. Thank you everyone who is supporting me through IG, blogging, or my store, I really can’t thank you guys enough!

Bullet Journal Update 

School is starting on Monday for me, so I think I will go back to my minimal school bullet journal and show you guys that! I mostly change my bullet journal into more of a kind of planner because I am usually too busy to be super creative with the spreads.

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My Instagram Digital Designs, New Sticker Designs, This Week’s BUJO Spread

08.15.18. 7:40. AM.

Good Morning!

I didn’t blog yesterday because my arm was hurting towards the end of the day. I made three new sticker designs yesterday!

tempImageForSave 9.JPG

I sketch out everything in my sketchbook first and then I digitalize it in photoshop.




tempImageForSave 8.JPG

I really wanted to make an Appa design from “Avatar the Last Airbender” and I was watching some Ghibli movies so I decided to make some inspired stickers! I really love Calcifer he is so cute and sassy!

I have been trying to come up with designs that are not just sticker designs for my Instagram while also trying to find my own art style.



Orange Blossom Honey.jpg

Plant Pill.jpg

What do you guys think?

This week’s Spread: Monday-Wednesday


I made a Sailor Moon spread! I used my own crystal stickers because I thought it would go well with everything.

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Today’s Sticker Designs


08.13.18. 1:37. PM

Good Afternoon everyone!

Today I got more sticker paper so I decided to create another journal sticker design!


I created these crystal and plants sticker designs! I was always a little scared to make these because crystals are hard to color in but I made it in my own little style. I hope everyone likes them! IMG_8376.JPG

I like to create stickers that has the doodle look to it so it is not perfect as if you just drew it in your journals!

My arm is feeling a lot better today! Normally I would keep drawing all day and come up with a little more designs but I think I should still rest up a bit.

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Why Taking a Break is Important


08.12.18. 2:22 PM.

Hello Everyone!

So I like I said before I want to kind of make this a more personal kind of journal. Today’s topic will be “taking a break!” I think taking a break is super important being I just recently HURT MY ARM! ( *`з´)

I have been drawing a writing nonstop this whole summer and for about a week now my arm has been slowly hurting more and more. Now my fingers are kind swollen and my shoulder and arm hurts quite a lot! I have been trying to rest it for about three days now and it is kind of getting better. I caved in this morning and ended up drawing a little OC on my hand because I just need to draw SOMETHING! IMG_8317.JPG

I have still been trying out different drawing styles to find my own drawing style. I didn’t think having an original style would be so hard but…it is…

So I drew that and my arm was kind of hurting from that so I tried drawing with my opposite hand! IMG_8311.JPG

It didn’t come out so bad!

I have so many other sticker ideas I want to do but I don’t want to further hurt my arm. your body and health comes first so no matter what you are doing, remember to always take breaks! (´ω`*)

I hope you guys are liking these kind of blogs!  I really enjoy doing them! I’m so sorry that I can’t post a picture of my bullet journal spread for this week! I am not able to write in it so I have been skipping out on some days. (T▽T)

Starting My Own Little Etsy Store? And my Bullet Journal Spread

Hello everyone!

My posts are usually about bullet journaling but I want to kind of get more into just my life in general. My name is Cori and I am double majoring in Studio and Animation. I live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and I would one day love to have my own stationery store!  @^▽^@ I started my Etsy store back in 2017 but no one was buying any of my stickers so I thought I would just delete it, so I did just that! Fast forward to last semester—–I was in the middle of my art history class and I finally opened up my old email account and saw that someone actually wanted one of my stickers! I freaked out!! ゞ◎Д◎ヾ It had been about two weeks since that person bought my sticker! I thought I had deleted my store, but I was completely 100% wrong!! I apologized to him and told him the situation and sent his sticker off right away! After that I decided to get a little more serious about my store.

I had a summer class this year so I got that out of the way and I am now trying really hard on focusing on my store!

Right now I’ve been creating anime and journal stickers and selling the on Etsy. So far I have been making stickers from ideas and animes that I like such as My Hero Academia and Fooly Cooly. I have also been making journal stickers since I do a lot of journaling! I have done some custom stickers but they are usually for my friends. I was thinking of doing more commissions down the line, I am just always fearful of creating something that people don’t like. (´゚д゚`)

tempImageForSave 7

IMG_7545 2.JPG


I have recently tried to expand my store to be more of a stationery store by creating handmade notepads! I am not sure if anyone will buy it but my mom really likes them. (ㆆᴗㆆ)

Are there any stickers that you guys would maybe want?

Now for my Bullet Journal Spread for this week:


Sunday-Wednesday Spread .

I am trying not to use so many printed out pictures for this month because I want to save my ink. I am trying to think of other ways to spice up my spreads a little more. Unfortunately this paper bleeds through a lot so I am not able to color my spread (such as watercolor) like I want to. I decided to create this simple spread with the color yellow because that is the color for the new album of twenty one pilots! I am loving the songs they are coming out with and I cannot wait for their new album to fully come out!

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Great Sites for Bullet Journal Stationery Goods

Are you obsessed with stationery goods? I am right there with you! Here are some sites that will help you widen your goody collection (but probably not help you with you obsession).


  1. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

I like this store because they have a lot of stickers that are so cute! If you want a lot of cute stickers for you bullet journal then this is the store for you. They ship worldwide and they have quality products. The only thing about this store is that the prices are more on the expensive side.

Prices: $$

2.   (✿ ♥‿♥)

If you are on a tight budget but still want those cute stationery goodies then this is the site to go to! Wish has a lot of cute stationery goods that are super cheap and has either free shipping or you will only have to pay for shipping. Most products come from China so it will take a while to get to you. If you need it right away I would use a different site but, if you can wait then use this site all you want!

Prices: $

3. https//  。^‿^。

I use ebay mostly for my MUJI fix. Having anything shipped from the Muji site is super expensive especially living in Hawaii. I go to ebay for my Muji products and refills!

Prices: $-$$

4.    (^-^*)ノ

This shop has gel pens, washi tape, stickers, sticky notes, markers, and notebooks! Their prices are very fair for what you get and their products are quality. Their products are super cute and they do have worldwide shipping!

Prices: $-$$

5.  v(・∀・*)

This cute store has notebooks, planners, washi tapes, pens and pencils, sticky notes, phone cases, and stickers! The products are all in good quality status and there is FREE worldwide shipping for orders that are $25+. The prices are a little bit on the expensive side but for good quality products, you wouldn’t expect anything lower.

Prices: $$

6.     (ノ∀`♥)

This shop is great if you have an addiction to washi tape! They also have washi tape stickers which are so cute! They have so many cute washi tapes and also have stickers, sticky notes, and pens.

Prices: $-$$


These are the store I usually go to for my stationery needs! Are there any store you guys usually go to?

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